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Biden Caught Keeping ICE From Keeping You Safe!

The Biden Administration had some major activities going on last Tuesday. In a nutshell, they were trying to prevent Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) from doing their job! That’s right. Under the watch of Joe Biden, officials at ICE are no longer able to immigration arrests at such places as courthouses, and this is in direct conflict with a Trump Administration policy, infuriating conservatives everywhere.

Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas has issued some directives to both the ICE and the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) stating that there are now new limits on arrests that are allowed to be made at courthouses. The intent of this policy would be to remove the “chilling effect” that some migrants have when they have been unwilling to testify in court or report crimes for fear that they might be deported.

According to a 2018 directive from the Trump Administration, ICE officers had been instructed to take specific action against illegal immigrants by targeting “specific aliens with criminal convictions, national security issues, public safety threats, and aliens that were ordered to be removed from the United States but continue to enter the country illegally even after being removed.”

President Trump’s policy was vigorously opposed by immigration rights activists and civil liberties groups. Their main concern was that illegal immigrants who were either witnesses or crime victims would be discouraged from finding remedies in the United States legal system.

However, the liberals swooped in from New York state and many other places, suing ICE because they claimed that the policy was “unconstitutional and unlawful.”

Enter the new directive from the Biden Administration. This new policy supersedes the Trump policy.

“”Ensuring that these illegal aliens still have equal access to the courts will advance the fair administration of equal protection under the law, promote safety for crime victims, and make sure there is a fair administration of justice,” Secretary Mayorkas said. “The expansion of these civil immigration arrests can only lead to more individuals being arrested at courthouses and it had a chilling effect on whether illegal immigrants were even willing to come forward and work with the courts or law enforcement in the first place. This is the latest step in our efforts to focus on threats to homeland security and public safety instead. We have now instructed ICE only to make arrests in ‘limited instances’ and only when a case threatens national security or if they’re an imminent risk of someone either dying, receiving physical harm, or being the victim of violence.”

If that weren’t enough, the DHS also said that the “hot pursuit” guidelines would have to be modified as well.

What do you think? Is it starting to appear like maybe illegal immigrants have more rights than we do? Either way, your comments would be appreciated!

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