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Democrats Threatening Mass Tantrum If Maxine Waters Gets What She Deserves!

There are plenty of House Democrats who are looking to strike back against the GOP, simply because they insist on holding Maxine Waters accountable for the statements she made prior to the verdict in the Derek Chauvin case.


Last weekend, Waters made a pit stop in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, and she decided she wanted to whip up a crowd of angry protesters that were already upset over the death of Daunte Wright. He was a 20-year-old black man who had been shot by police after a traffic stop. While Waters was at this stop, she was asked what she thought should occur if Chauvin was not convicted in the death of George Floyd.


“We have got to stay the course, stay on the street, get more active, and get more confrontational!” she said. “We’ve got to make sure that these people realize that we mean business!”


Needless to say, the GOP forced a vote to censure Waters, but the cogs on the Democratic machine whirred to life and this motion went down in defeat by a 216-210 vote.


Now, there are some Democrats who want revenge, according to The Hill.


One case in point would be Democratic Representative Jimmy Gomez, who literally lost no time whatsoever in targeting Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene for her effort to promote some “Anglo-Saxon political traditions.”


“Everyone in the House, including the Republican leadership, knew that this was nothing more than a stunt just to promote white supremacy, nothing more, nothing less,” Gomez wrote his colleagues in an effort to get their support.


“When you consider her open support for political violence to her brazen promotion of anti-Semitism and racism, we have no shortage of reasons why we should realize that Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene is unfit to serve in our body,” Gomez wrote.


Of course, when you consider Maxine Waters, that’s kind of the pot calling the kettle black, but I digress.


Naturally, there are a few more moderate Democrats that realized this conflict of interest, with the most notable one being Susan Wild of Pennsylvania. However, while she noted that she didn’t care for Waters had said, she also said that she thought it should be balanced against what members of the GOP had said around the time of January 6th uprising.


“I had to weigh this out long and hard because of some of the votes we’ve already taken this year,” Wild said. “However, I don’t think a lot of this rises to that level. But no, it wasn’t an easy vote to make.”


No pun intended, but the jury is still out on the full impact of Waters’ remarks. However, Chauvin’s defense has already had a field day with her comments, even attempting to have a mistrial declared. The judge DID not that there are now probably grounds for an appeal.


Either way, it’s pretty ridiculous that Rep. Gomez thinks he can discipline Rep. Greene, but that the GOP cannot discipline Waters!


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