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This Cop Just Shut Down A Heckler In The Most Perfect Way!

A police officer was recently confronted by a fired-up heckler, but the man in the blue truly handled it like a champ. The video of this has gone viral because the police officer responded with a simple question to the heckler, and this completely destroyed any narrative regarding the police officer shooting death of a Columbus, Ohio, teenager.


The video has reached almost 1.5 million views as of last Sunday, and it shows a police being asked a question by a hateful bystander, “Are you going to kill me the way y’all did Ma’Khia Bryant?”


However, the police officer quickly stole the bystander’s thunder when he asked him another question regarding the 16-year-old foster child who had been shot:


“Are you going to try and stab somebody like she did?” the officer replied without skipping a beat.


The only thing the heckler could do was indignantly reply “No” and then explode in a cascade of profanity and scoffs, saying the officer was “goofy” and that he needed to “get outta here.”


Seriously….is that the best that the heckler can do?


To add to the irony of the situation, the young man had the nerve to tell the officer that he was going to go viral. Well, the peace officer did indeed go viral, but not for the reason that the heckler thought.


The police officer went viral because it shows just how much of a dead-end the narrative of Black Lives Matter and other anti-police groups truly is in the first place!


Of course, if these BLM activities would actually fully investigate the context of the incident, they would have realized that the Columbus police officer ACTUALLY SAVE the other girl’s life! You know, the one that Ma’Khia Bryant was trying to stab?


Additionally, the would-be victim of Bryant ACTUALLY DEFENDED the police officer, saying that the now-deceased teen was attempting to attack her with a knife. Seriously, it’s a shame that Rush Limbaugh has passed away, because boy, he would have a field day with how ridiculous this incident truly is!


Anyway, back to this unwitting anti-cop heckler. He ended us walking right into his own trap by simply responding “no.” Again, both this officer responding to the officer and the one in Columbus are sworn to serve and protect, nothing more and nothing less.


What do you think? Your comments are appreciated!



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