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Biden’s People Going After Patriots Who Uncovered Russian Collusion Hoax!

It looks like there is a tremendous amount of retaliation from the New World Order lately, and it appears that they have focused their attention on the “Russia Collusion” witch hunt, which was completely based on a total fabricated hoax. Thus, the Washington Post devoted a whole column to this type of propaganda! They let David Ignatius give out a rambling op-ed where he severely criticized Kashyap “Kash” Patel. In his piece, he attempts to roast Patel for doing the unthinkable and he attempts to hold the intelligence community accountable for their crimes.


Clear Retaliation


The fact that there has been retaliation should be clear to anyone who has any experience. The reason for this is because everyone in the spy community knows that when you want to inject some propaganda into the network media, you call this individual named David Ignatius. The man is an expert at low-key leaks, and so it’s actually no surprise that he was called on to spread the rumor based on the “classified” information based on this whole false “Russia collusion” witch hunt.


What is Ignatius doing now? He’s taking it personally that this particular, perfectly-crafted leak he just crafted is now being “debunked.” Of course, he was also caught on the political offensive. Thus, there is no doubting the fact that Ignatius (“Iggy”) is now on the offensive because he was caught for his part in the conspiracy.


There is no question that Ignatius doesn’t care for Patel, and part of the reason for that is because the man became a threat to the New World Order when he was serving on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. His job was to “debunk the conspiracy theory that had arose out of the criminal leak of the classified information to Ignatius, which was a crime that had never really been investigated and had never been prosecuted.”


An Investigation?


Of course, if anyone else other than David Ignatius, the architect of leaks on Capitol Hill, had mentioned that Patel had “faced” an investigation, there would be plenty of folks who would be concerned. Naturally, there wouldn’t be much time for alarm because in the real world, Patel isn’t “under” investigation, just facing one from the Deep State. I guess don’t mess with the Deep State. Boy, are we ever in a serious dystopia now.

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