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Mike Pompeo Has Returned To The Fight To Keep Us All Safe!

If one thing is certain, there were many different advocates that were ready to stand up for us in the Donald Trump Administration. One of these would have to be Mike Pompeo. He recently announced that he was going to jump into the ring on Wednesday to continue to fight for our American security. He has to do it….well, he has to do it because it looks like he has no choice. You see, it looks like Joe Biden has already submitted to the will of the Supreme Leader and Dictator of Iran the Ayatollah and he is now committed not to America’s interests, but to helping Iran build a working nuclear bomb. I’ll clean up the language since this is a family blog, but that is just is batcrap crazy.


Pompeo: Fighting Back


Former President Trump’s Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, is going to be back in Washington this Wednesday for a conservative press conference led by GOP lawmakers, including congressman Jim Banks from Indiana. Pompeo is going to be speaking with the group just outside of the Capitol building.


This action is meant to tie Biden’s hands about lifting Iranian sanctions, which is something President Biden has promised. Banks has distinguished himself as the chairman of the biggest House GOP caucus, the Republican Study Committee.


The RSC is made up of over 150 conservative GOP members in the House, and they have introduced a measure called the “Max Pressure Act” which is designed to turn the former Trump administration’s policy of “maximum pressure” on Iran’s sanctions and turn these sanctions into law.


Without this pressure, it is only a matter of time before the Biden Administration is able to start shipping pallets of cash to the Ayatollah, allowing him to build ICBMS and terrorizing our planet with freshly enriched uranium and soon enough they will be spooned into nuclear warheads. However, even though Pompeo might be the previous secretary of state, he still gets credit for ruining their flow of income. However, the previous secretary of state is furious that the new administration is caving in to the demands of Tehran.


The Biden Palace has continually sent a team of negotiators to Vienna to discuss some ways to dust off President Barack Obama’s Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, which is the infamous “Obama-era nuclear deal.” Even as we speak, they continue to meet with Iranian diplomats and find all of the old “signatories” of that diabolical former pact with the 44th President.


However, when Trump came along, he infuriated the globalists because he pulled the plug on it in 2018, and that is when he slapped down the punishing sanctions and brought Ayatollah back down to his knees. Indeed, these sanctions were considered a “key part” of the Pompeo legacy.


There is now a real risk


However, now that Biden is in the White House, there is a real risk that he will rejoin this deal. Biden thinks that he can fully trust Iran’s promises regarding reversing course on their prior violations of this deal. This is like giving the inmates the keys to the prison, but I digress.


The Ayatollah continues to promise any U.S. administration that will listen that he is only going to use this nuclear energy for power and that makes Biden ready to lift any and all penalties.


America will continue to be the “noblest force for good and for human rights in the world” according to Pompeo, but this will only be true if we continue to “do not permit the return to a situation where the threat to the Jewish homeland is real and ominous.”


Appeasing Iran is not the answer, and Mike Pompeo knows it. No one in the Biden administration knows it, but again I digress. Simply put folks, if we let Iran get their hands on a nuclear weapon all bets are off. This is why we can take pride in Secretary Pompeo leading this coalition that demands that the only way that sanctions are lifted against Iran is if Tehran meets “12 demands.”


If Iran really has peaceful purposes for acquiring these nuclear weapons, then there is no reason why they shouldn’t be willing to go by these demands.


What do you think? Your comments are appreciated!

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