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BLM Just Attempted A Sick Hostile Takeover Of Your Government!

Insurrection continues to strike at the heart of America, but this time we are only hearing crickets from the media. Part of the reason for that is because this time it was a liberal group that attacked a government entity, and that definitely doesn’t give the left any fodder for talking about how Trump supporters are the deranged ones, now does it? But before I digress too much, this latest insurrection (read: hostile takeover) occurred in the halls of the Capitol in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. There was a tremendous “Phalanx” of men and women affiliated with Black Lives Matter that stormed the pristine halls of this legislature. This group chanted, hurled invectives, shouted loudly, and created a tremendous disturbance when members of that legislature were preparing to vote on some controversial bills for the law of the land in the Sooner State. Indeed, this is a state where the lawmakers are overwhelmingly Republican. Thus, according to ABC affiliate KOCO,


“Apparently a group of about two dozen people descended upon the Capitol and they protested a number of different bills that had been moved through the House and Senate this session. Many of these bills that they were protesting involved issues regarding anti-protest issues, anti-abortion laws, and also Senate Bill 2, which was going to ban transgender girls from competing on a girls’ sports team in high schools across the state.”


Indeed, there have been plenty of video clips that show the insurrection members occupying the gallery on the fifth floor of the Oklahoma Capitol. Meanwhile, on the ground floor, there is a legislator on the ground floor who is futilely slamming his gavel, calling for order, and trying to speak above the din of the Black Lives Matter demonstrators chanting “no justice, no peace” and “Black lives matter.”


All the while, there was a bearded man involved with the group, and he was on record for saying to the lawmakers, “You’re a f***ing disgrace to the whole country” even though a suited man kept trying to insist that he and his fellow protesters should disperse.


The Legislators Continued to Work Even Through This Insurrection


Indeed, there were a lot of emotionally charged bills that these Oklahoma lawmakers were working on, but perhaps one of the most daunting ones would have bee n a bill that would grant immunity to drivers who have to strike demonstrators with their car when they are attempting to flee the protesters. Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt signed this bill into law later on in the day. Moreover, the state of Oklahoma is now part of an exclusive club, joining Florida as one of the states that will provide immunity to motorists that want to avoid riots. Additionally, there are GOP lawmakers in 34 states that have introduced 81 bills designed to crack down on the civil unrest that has been threatening this nation since 2019.


If that wasn’t enough, there was yet another source of contention regarding Oklahoma Senate Bill 2, which  is a requirement that high school sports teams limit their enrollment to those with genders that were assigned at birth instead of transgender individuals. Oklahoma now joins Idaho, Arkansas, South Dakota, Mississippi and Tennessee as the only states that have passed a bill that prevents biological males from participating in girls or women’s athletic programs. Per the Washington Post, there are 33 other states that are thinking about introducing similar bills regarding this issue.


If there is one thing that we can take heart in, it would be that there are numerous GOP legislatures that are doing everything in their power to stem the tide of the Democrats’ far-left radical agenda.


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