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Eww! Liberal New York Preparing To Make INCEST Legal!

There is an anonymous New Yorker who filed a lawsuit this month. So what, you say. Happens every day. Well, what’s make this appalling is that this New Yorker wants to overturn the laws regarding incestuous marriages, according to a recent report from the New York Post.

What is This All About

According to New York law, incest is considered a third-degree felony punishable by up to four years in the joint. Here is the New York state code:

“A person is guilty in the third degree when he or she marries or engages in sexual intercourse, oral sexual conduct, or anal sexual conduct with a person whom he or she knows to be related to him or her, whether through marriage or not, as an ancestor, descendant, brother or sister of either the whole or the half blood, uncle, aunt, nephew or niece.”

Yet another thing that the current New York law says is that incestuous marriages are void. Spouses in such marriages will be subject to jail time and fines. They will be subject to punishment, and anyone who “willfully and knowingly” solemnizes such a marriage as an officiant will receive imprisonment or fines.

However, there is an anonymous individual in the Empire State who has a desire to enter into matrimony with their own child. Thus, this appalling individual wants to have these laws tossed out as unconstitutional, as they claim that being blocked from this type of marriage would be “diminishing to their humanity” and they felt that this should be an issue of “individual autonomy.”

The New York resident who filed this lawsuit on April 1 has kept their name anonymous simply because the request to change the incest laws would be viewed as “actions that a large segment of society would view as socially, morally, and biologically repugnant.” Thus, very little is known about these would-be spouses: their ages, genders, and locations are not publicly known.

What we DO know is that, according to the lawsuit that the Post has cited, these are adults who are a parent and child and they cannot procreate.

“These would-be spouses are adults,” the suit says. “The proposed spouses are a biological parent and child. The would-be spouses do not have the ability to procreate together.”

Furthermore, this unorthodox couple thinks that the state is denying them the opportunity to engage in “fulfillment in its highest meaning.”

“Through this enduring bond of marriage, we would have two individuals, regardless of the relationship that they might otherwise have, can have the ability to find a greater level of intimacy, spirituality, and expression,” the wording in the lawsuit said. “Parent-and-adult-child couples for whom procreation is either literally or virtually impossible should be able to aspire in the highest meaning of marriage and engage in its transcendent purposes.”

Huh? Typical legal-speak. I swear, some of these lawyers can talk AROUND everything.

Manhattan family and matrimonial law attorney Eric Wrubel told the New York Post that this suit will “never fly” and they said that the couple’s lawsuit is “premature.”

My gosh. It’s not too often that I’m at a loss for words, but this whole lawsuit would do the trick.

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