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WOW! Liz Cheney Just EXPOSED Her Inner RINO!

That “Republican in Name Only” Liz Cheney recently made an appearance on CBS and she had the gall to REFUSE to mention many of the unethical tactics that the news outlet is using against someone from her own party, no less.


Cheney is a Wyoming Congresswoman who might be best known for the daughter of former Vice President Richard B. “Dick” Cheney. However, she’s also pretty well-known for her constant support of the left, and you have to wonder if it’s only a matter of time before the woman simply defects completely to the Dems. Her latest betrayal has had her betraying her conservative base and appearing on a left-wing news outlet and not calling the outlet for their lies.


Media Lies


In a recent development, CBS made an outright to totally smear Governor Ron DeSantis, publishing some bald-faced lies about him being involved in an alleged “pay-to-play” vaccine scheme.


Even though CBS is not even remotely a conservative bastion, there are even some Democrats (Jared Moskowitz included) who decide they had had enough and were calling the network out for their lies. One of Moskowitz’s tweet was so blunt that he even the pay-to-play DeSantis story “bullshit.” He cleaned up his works in a later comment, saying the story was “absolute malarkey.”


DeSantis also called out CBS in a press conference.


The Betrayal of Liz Cheney


It’s pretty telling that Democrats are able to call CBS out, but Cheney refused to do so. Instead, Cheney seems to be completely bereft of her senses, using the time instead to simply attack her own party.


Liz the RINO spoke at length regarding the “insurrection” and she agreed with CBS host Margaret Brennan that former President Donald Trump was “warring with the Constitution.”


If that weren’t enough, Cheney was also pushing lies about Trump that continue to get her unanimously censured by Wyoming Republicans.


“You know,” she began with her lies, “the former president continues to use the same type of language that incited violence on January 6th. As a party, you know, we should be focusing on the future and not the past. We should be embracing the Constitution and not embracing insurrection…if you continue to attack our judicial process, attacking the rule of law, you will not defend the Constitution, but you will be at war with it.”


The Bottom Line


Liz Cheney’s appearance on CBS? It definitely appears to be scripted to be a calculated move in order for her to attack the Republican party, even though she should be promoting conservative values. As her chances of getting reelected seem to diminish by the day, it seems apparent that the reason she is taking these positions that are diametrically opposed to her party is that she might be looking for a media position when she inevitably loses this election.


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