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Horrific Side Effects Have Forced Vaccination Site Down!

If you are interested in following news sources outside of the mainstream media, then it is probably no secret to you that even though the Wuhan CCP Virus shots are being labeled as “novel vaccines” there is something seriously wrong with them. In fact, these vaccines are nothing more than experimental agents that are not even approved by the FDA! That is one of the main reasons why there have been many doctors who have been shunned because of pointing out some of the horrendous side effects that some recipients have gone through.

For one thing, the AstraZeneca vaccine has been banned in plenty of countries already, and more seem to be added every day. This is probably due to the fact that one of the side effects of AstraZeneca appeared to be some deadly blood clots.

Some examples of this would include a man’s skin peeling off completely. However, there have been plenty of other examples of adverse reactions. Moreover, there is not any long-term data regarding these vaccines, and obviously, there won’t be for some time.

This isn’t the worst of it, however. Apparently, there was a vaccination site in Colorado that had to be shut down because 11 people were subject to severe side effects and there were two people who had to be taken to local hospitals for observation.

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment on Wednesday did do some damage control, however. They said that some of the side effects of nausea and dizziness were “consistent with what we would expect” and that they only closed the site as an abundance of caution.

Does this mean that you should avoid taking the shot completely? Well, probably not, because the vast majority of people who have taken the shot do not suffer any ill effects. However, you should be careful, and it should give you pause when the government simply plays this off.

Of course, the other wrinkle to all of this would be that the vaccination sites only require the patients to be present at the site for 15 minutes tops. What if the patients experience a negative reaction after that?

This all highlights the fact that whether someone gets vaccinated or not is a personal decision. I myself have been vaccinated. However, if you are concerned about the side effects of these vaccines, then there is nothing wrong with thinking long and hard about whether you should take the vaccine. This is also one of the main reasons why I am personally against any type of “vaccine passport.” What do you think about these side effects at a vaccine site in Colorado? Your comments are appreciated!

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