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ALERT: One Of Biden’s Top People Has Suddenly Quit!

There is no question that Roberta Jacobson has developed an impressive resume. As the former U.S. ambassador to Mexico, she has a pretty good idea of how to lead various organizations. However, for whatever reason, she has decided to step down as Joe Biden’s Mexican border envoy. Of course, the liberals are spinning this as something that she had planned to do all along, but there is no question that she realizes that this border crisis has turned into a tremendous humanitarian mess, and in her heart of hearts, she probably realizes that while it didn’t start under Biden, it didn’t start under Trump either.

The New York Times is reporting that Jacobson is planning on leaving her post as the “border czar” for the Biden Administration effective at the end of April. She has been in that post since the Biden Administration started duty in January.

Again, the ultra-liberal New York Times spun the story as follows: “Ms. Jacobson told us that her appointment as the special assistant and U.S.-Mexican border coordinator to President Biden was never meant to last forever – only a about 100 days – and this period is going to end when April concludes, and that is when Ms. Jacobson is going to leave government.”

Of course, Jacobson herself offered up her own fair share of spin in a brief statement as she prepares to depart her post. Even though the border crisis continues to worsen, she said: “They are continuing to drive toward this architecture that the Biden Administration has laid out: this is an immigration system that is orderly, safe, and humane. This is a policy that is clearly right for this country.” Oh brother. It’s actually worse than when Trump was in office, but now that the U.S. President in question has a “D” after his name, according to liberals such as Jacobson his leadership is just wonderful!

Of course, Jacobson wasn’t done yet. She offered some commentary on Vice President Kamala Harris being announced as her de-facto replacement for handling these border issues. “I have briefed and I have done work in support of the vice president’s leadership regarding this issue,” she said. “There is no one else who would be as delighted as me to see the vice president take on this role. Believe me, this didn’t have anything to do with my decision whatsoever.”

Despite the former ambassador being so adamant that her departure had been planned all along, there are several professionals with the Times who called her abrupt departure “striking.”

Interestingly enough, the Times also reported on a previous interview that Ms. Jacobson had given to the paper where she wanted to travel to Central America and “work with the government officials there in order to reduce the flow of migrants coming north toward the United States.”

Jacobson’s decision to depart also comes several weeks after she admitted that Biden’s border policies were increasing the illegal migration of immigrants across the U.S. border.

Of course, Jacobson continues to blame President Trump for the current crisis at the border. However, the fact that she herself will admit that Biden continues to encourage illegal crossings seems to indicate the penultimate politician who wants to have it both ways.

“President Biden continues to make it clear that he wants to reform the immigration system we have. He wants to do this by building back better and through attempting to undo the previous administration’s actions. However, we can’t do that overnight,” she said. “The actions of the Trump administration didn’t neglect our immigration system, but they intentionally have made it worse.”

Jacobson proceeded to blame Trump for creating a higher demand for the border crossings, and she spun the increased migration under Biden as happening simply because his words had given people “hope.” Oh brother.

She said that the Biden Administration was working diligently to address the border problem, and she said that the border is “not open” in Spanish. However, in the month of March, there was at least 19,000 crossings of unaccompanied migrant children.

In a nutshell, Joe Biden still has a tremendous border problem on his hands. Could it be that his liberal policies simply do not work?

What do you think about the departure of Biden’s “border czar”? We would appreciate your comments!

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