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What HUNTER BIDEN Just Admitted To Smoking Will Blow Your Mind!

As we continue to watch the fiasco that is known as the Biden Administration, we can’t help but take a good, hard look at Hunter Biden, Sleepy Joe’s troubled son. He literally has a ton of personal problems, and the Biden Administration is in a constant state of PR blitzing in order to make everyone think that he is simply a fine and dandy guy who has just made a few mistakes.

It was last December when Joe Biden was still the president-elect when it was revealed that Hunter Biden was under investigation of tax fraud. Of course, Joe Biden was undergoing a softball interview by late-night host Stephen Colbert, and he made the remark to the president-elect that it was likely that his enemies would “use his adult son” against him. To his credit (I guess?) the elder Biden launched into a full-fledged defense of his son:

“Well, we have great confidence in our son,” he began. “Accusations made against him used to get to me but they don’t anymore. I think it’s just foul play. As long as he’s good, we’re good. Well, apparently Biden’s son is now in the news because he was added to an addiction-and-loss memoir book called “Beautiful Things.” The story about him details toxic relationships with powders, drinks, pills, and women. Beautiful things? Sounds like a “beautiful mess” to me.

President Biden calls his son the “smartest man that he knows”, but it is in his contribution to the book that he lists a litany of things that he did wrong. For one thing, he lied on a background check so he could obtain a firearm, he lied about being a drug user while at the same time he was heavily enmeshed in a crack addiction, and he simply “doesn’t recall” dropping off his infamous laptop at a Delaware computer repair shop and he tried to blame “Russian intelligence” for hacking it.

However, here’s where it gets good, folks: Hunter Biden might be the smartest man his father knows, but can you guess what he might have smoked? Well, he apparently was so “out of it” because of his crack use that he was SMOKING PARMESAN CHEESE because it looks a little like crack. Evidently, he was combing through his rugs trying to find crumbs of the drugs and inadvertently got some parmesan cheese mixed up in there as well. Apparently, Hunter Biden is a big fan of Italian food?

“There was one time where I went as long as 13 days without sleeping, and I was smoking crack and drinking vodka all the way through that time,” Hunter said in an interview to “CBS Sunday Morning.”

“I got so low that I was spending a bunch of time on my hands and knees picking through the rugs, smoking anything that I could that even remotely that crack. I had probably smoked a lot more parmesan cheese than anyone that you have known.”

No, folks, this really isn’t a joke. I wish it was, but it’s not. I suppose if you have an untrained eye for such things, parmesan cheese does indeed kind of resemble crack cocaine?

Yes, there is no question that Joe Biden’s son had gotten pretty low, but how does one manage to have dropped so many of either parmesan cheese or crack cocaine into a rug to have smokable chunks of it in there? And I’m not saying that we shouldn’t have sympathy for a high-profile drug addict. In most cases, absolutely! We of the general public want to see them get clean. Of course, some might think it’s a bit tacky to write a memoir regarding this drug addiction, but we do live in a time where many individuals have a tendency to do that.

Of course, there are so many questions surrounding this story. Perhaps the most dominant one that I would have would be this: how is it that Hunter Biden is the “smartest man that [Joe Biden] has ever known” and yet at the same time he is so strung out on crack cocaine that he is mistaking parmesan cheese for crack cocaine? I mean, seriously folks, my wife and I like parmesan cheese as much as the next guy, but I’ve NEVER ONCE mistaken it for an illegal drug.

So many questions…

Another one I might have is who in their right mind would think that this family is better than the Trump family for leading the country? Can you imagine if Eric, Don Jr. or Ivanka had this problem? Oh boy, the libs would be shouting it from the rooftops!

I’ve said my peace, though. What do YOU think about this story? Your comments are appreciated!



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