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NFL THUG CHARGED! Facing Years In Prison!

A Houston Texans NFL superstar continues to find himself in some serious legal jeopardy and not only is facing civil lawsuits but also could face years in prison due to his poor behavior.

Apparently, there was a second lawsuit filed against Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson this Wednesday. The lawsuit was filed by an individual who is a Georgia resident, and she had started a massage company that was being marketed to NFL players.

NFL Player in Hot Water For Harassing Massage Therapists

This is yet another lawsuit of this type for Deshaun Watson, as it follows a lawsuit he received late Tuesday night for the same actions. Watson is getting quite a collection going here, but I digress. This latest lawsuit document states that Watson sexually assaulted and harassed the woman.

This lawsuit that the latest victim is the owner and operator of her own massage therapy business in Atlanta, Georgia. She normally markets her massage therapy business through social media platforms such as Instagram, which is her normal way of obtaining clients.

The lawsuit states that Watson and this latest accuser made contact for the first time on August 14, 2020. This lawsuit also notes how this woman has never worked for anyone with the Houston Texans NFL organization, and she thought that it was unusual that an NFL player would seek a massage from her. Usually, most people think that NFL players have a whole team of assistants. Moreover, she didn’t think she was that well-known. However, she went along with it anyway.

In the wind-up, Watson and the woman agreed to schedule a massage, and they began to discuss the best time to fit it in. They also discussed what Watson was looking for, which was some work on his glutes and his groin area. After asking the woman if she was comfortable working with these areas, she allegedly said that she understood the requests. Eventually, Watson and the woman moved beyond messages on Instagram and began talking on the phone.

The lawsuit states that they ultimately decided on a massage at the Houstonian Hotel, Club and Spa in Watson’s neck of the woods on August 28, 2020. Watson had his own suite and the woman was flown in from Atlanta to Houston at Watson’s request.

However, things get a bit “off” right here. It seems that Watson immediately got completely nude and was on the massage table with his front private part completely exposed. The woman told him to cover it up with a towel because that is not how she does business, but he said that he gets “too hot” to do it that way.

After this brief encounter, the lawsuit starts to describe more graphic details, but Attorney Tony Buzbee is the individual who has filed both lawsuits against Watson and has declined to describe them any further. So far, his firm is handling four cases of harassment and assault against Watson.

“These cases do allege assault,” Buzbee wrote. “We are not going to share the alleged details here and we aren’t going to try this case in the press. The cases have been publicly filed and anyone can view them.”

Buzbee is claiming that he has received death threats and even his children have been harassed since filing these cases.

What do you think about Watson’s alleged misbehavior? Do you think he might have criminal charges coming soon? Your comments are appreciated!

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