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Sleepy Joe FIRING SCIENTISTS Because They Support Trump!

For the past four years, Donald Trump did everything in his power to dismantle an unseemly organization that was known as a job-killing, lobbyist-run, industry annihilating cult-like homunculus called the EPA. No one worked harder than the Trump administration to save the American public from this organization that continued to posit the “cause” of “man-made climate change” above all else, even if it cost lives and livelihoods. Trump truly presided over the most drastic changes in the EPA regulations for sure. However, in less than 100 days, the Biden-Harris administration has given the EPA new life, and they started by removing forty Trump appointees from their jobs. Now, literally, anyone with ties to President Trump is going to be on the chopping block.

One of the Biden Nominees Was Appointed to Fight “Environmental Racism”

Yes, you read that right. This is now a thing for the liberals. Egad. It seems that the Biden-Harris administration has started working on this reversal by appointing one Michael Regan to head the Environmental Protection Agency. Regan has been lauded by liberals everywhere because of how he has fought “environmental racism”, with the latest one being Congresswoman Alma Adams. According to the liberals, the Flint Water Crisis was due to “environmental racism” and not negligent and incompetent Democrat governance in Flint and at the State level in the Great Lake State.

Here is what one Biden spokesperson said about the pick: “Michael Regan is a historic and well-qualified pick. He assisted both Democrats and Republicans in Washington to address air quality concerns. In the Tar Heel State, Michael led the way on issues such as environmental justice, including the historic coal ash settlement provided by Duke Energy. We cannot address environmental justice without addressing environmental racism, and so I for one am glad that he is working to undo the environmental damage of the Trump Administration.”

If you were gagging while reading that, trust me, I was gagging while typing it as well.

The best way to sum this up is that the Democrat Party has turned protecting the environment into something they turn everything else into: an issue devoted to racism.

Dismissing 40 Scientists with Ties to the Trump Administration

One of Regan’s first activities on the job would be to fire forty of Donald Trump’s science advisors. We can’t be having anyone with ties to the past administration, because of “Orange Man Bad.”

“If we resettle these two scientific advisory committees will make sure that the agency receives the most appropriate scientific insight to protect the environment and human health,” he said. At least that’s how he is spinning it anyhow.

Regan might pretend like he is into the public welfare, but let’s not mince words here: there is nothing about the Biden-Harris EPA that is about people. It is only politics that drive this administration. The politics of victimhood and social disdain for American industry and jobs to help us feed our families and prevent social problems from developing in the next generation.

It is truly a sad thing to see.

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