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Inside Report REVEALS Biden Treated Like A Small Child!

We had a member of the family that had dementia in the last couple of years of their life when I was a kid. It was pretty scary seeing that person sort of going back to a child-like state.

They had to be reminded of simple things that you might have to remind a small child to do all of the time, and it was kind of a full-time job keeping an eye on them.

It was pretty sad, but otherwise, the person would handle things pretty well for the most part. One thing we did not do is put them in charge of something important. They did that with Joe Biden.

Nancy Pelosi introduced  Joe Biden at the House Democrats’ 2021 Democratic Issues Conference on Wednesday…

During the Speaker’s remarks, after being introduced by Congresswoman Angie Craig of Minnesota, she told a strange story about her grandchildren and Joe Biden.

Pelosi remarked that her 4 and 5-year-old grandsons were “longtime friends of Joe Biden” and that they “love him.”

Pelosi said she was taking the children to see Biden at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in 2013 and “they were so excited to see him because they’d heard so much about him from their cousins.”


This is so embarrassing. They have made a joke of the Presidency.

Biden is treated like a child. He is babysat and humored all day while Pelosi and the rest run the country. — Michael Moore (@mbracemoore) March 4, 2021


She also described how the children have a ‘magic word’ and it is “Open Biden.”

Full remarks below:

My husband, Paul always says, ‘I just wonder how long into a speech it will be before Nancy starts talking about her grandchildren.’ Our grandchildren, my grandchildren, have for many, many years, been longtime friends of Joe Biden. They have a range in age, but all of them love Joe Biden. But let me tell you one story,

I think was like 2013, four and five year old, two of mine, Paul and Thomas. We were at an event, the DCCC in New York, and Joe Biden was the keynote speaker. They were so excited to see him because they’d heard so much about him from their cousins. And they met him they talked about pets and things like that. And afterward, after the luncheon was over, I took them got candy. Don’t tell their mom. I took them for candy at a place, Dylan’s in New York, where they have sort of like swinging doors. You have to get through the doors from one part of the store to the next. So, here they are, the place is packed and jammed. Kids are making all this noise over there on the side. And all of a sudden, I hear them pronounce, ‘In order to open these doors, we do not say open sesame, we say “Open Biden.” That’s our magic word.’

Open Biden? I love it.

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