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Yet ANOTHER Governor Has Stepped Up To Preserve Second Amendment Rights!

Imagine if you will, that you had to have a permit to do something that you had already been allowed to do?

Think about it for a moment. You have already been given permission to do something, but then someone else comes along and tries to say that you have to have two forms of permission to do that particular thing.

That’s the type of thing that might apply to when you are cashing a check at a bank you don’t have an account at where you might have to show two forms of identification, but it definitely shouldn’t apply to basic rights.

I mean, I remember when I was a kid we used to live around all kinds of people that owned guns. From the garbageman to the richest lawyer in town, if any of them owned guns it wouldn’t surprise you. I lived in a hunting community anyway, so it was almost an accident if someone didn’t own a gun.

If you make things a mystery and outlaw them, that’s when people begin to have more curiosity and eventually misuse them. I remember the very first time I fired a live gun with real ammunition in it. For about three weeks before that, however, I went through so many safety courses that it isn’t even funny, but it taught respect for them. What liberals want to do by making the process for owning a gun so difficult is that they are inadvertently building a “forbidden fruit” style mystery around them.

If it is your right to own a gun, you should be able to without having extra special permission.

Great news for gun owners as Constitutional Carry — or permitless carry — is about to become law in another state!  Utah is just days away from being the seventeenth state to do away with the permitting requirement.

According to the Washington Free Beacon it will happen yet this week:

Governor Spencer Cox (R.) will sign legislation into law this week to eliminate the permit requirement, his spokeswoman told the Washington Free Beacon on Tuesday. The act will allow any law-abiding person over the age of 21 to carry a gun under his or her clothes while in the state. Convicted felons, those adjudicated mentally ill, and other people prohibited from owning a gun are excluded from the policy.

The bill H.B.60  passed the Utah Senate by a 22-6 vote and the House by a 51-20 vote. The new law will go into effect on May 5th.

Of course, as in many Constitutional Carry states, Utah residents will still be able to obtain a concealed carry permit if they wish to carry in states that offer reciprocity with Utah’s permit.

2021 Is The Year To PUSH BACK!

Utah state senator David Hinkins (R.), the bill’s sponsor, didn’t flinch in the face of arguments from the left that this was a ‘Wild West’ sort of gun law that would lead to a rise in crime..

Instead, he pointed out that making carry laws broader hasn’t been linked to surges in gun crimes.

“The three safest states in the U.S. have permitless carry laws: Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine,” he said during a floor debate. “This is not a left or a right issue, it’s a good policy backed by good data.”

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