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Socialist “Paradise” Is On The Brink Of Civil War!

The thing about socialist countries is that eventually there will be someone that is correct, that wants to go against the grain, and will not put up with being told to shut up.

They tend to be the ones that the government ends up going after the hardest. Sure, there are a lot of things that on the surface might sound great about some of these places, but when you look at the bill you have to pay you quickly realize that there are more cons than pros.

Look at how some of these countries are dealing with the pandemic. I know a guy in one of these nations that hasn’t been more than a mile from his house in ten months. When he goes to the grocery store, he has to show proof of address otherwise he can get arrested for going to a store more than X amount away from his house.

A civil war can break out anywhere on the globe if people are upset enough. This time it’s the Netherlands. You can only lock down a people “for their health and safety” for so long. People still need to get out to do things. At least 20 cities and towns across the country were affected in rioting that’s gone on for three nights. It’s been the worst lockdown since World War II.

That just hasn’t happened yet. In fact, leaders mocked it. The Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte tweeted out, “This has nothing to do with protesting or fighting for freedom. It is criminal violence and we will treat it as such”. It was “unacceptable”.

Finance Minister Wopke Hoekstra scoffed we’re “not going to capitulate to a few idiots”. Almost 200 people were arrested and 10 cops were injured.

Civil war destroys things

Although any war will do that. War is about killing people and breaking things to bring a leadership to its knees. But leadership didn’t really seem to be threatened yet.

John Jorritsma is the mayor of one of the hardest hit towns, Eindhoven. He told the local news station NOS, “They talk about freedom and dictatorship, but in the meantime they are demolishing the shops and the station here, setting fire to cars and police officers at the station. We are on our way to civil war.”

There’s nothing civil about war

But then when people are just trying to go about their daily business being civil and they can’t, they’ll eventually rise up. The curfew is on from 9 pm to 4:30 am. Bars and restaurants haven’t been open since October, schools and stores have been closed since December.

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