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The idea that something that holds such precious cargo as the votes of the American people can be tampered with so easily is a frightening thought indeed.

It would almost be like if you had a coffee mug that would crack and fall into a thousand pieces if you put milk into the coffee. It’s that insane.

Now, I use the internet for a great many uses and I find a lot of the things that I use it to be a great weight off of my shoulders. That being said, there is no reason why it should be as easy as transferring a song from a computer to a phone to hack into a voting machine.

Then again, Democrats always want everything to be that easy.

Another video has been found of Dominion Voting exec Eric Coomer explaining to an audience on how it is possible to switch votes using their machines.

This is a second one and that proves the first one wasn’t a fluke or a slip of the tongue. Many people believe their machines did allow vote switching. There is even proof of that coming from one county in Michigan and Ware County, Georgia.

In Antrim County in Michigan, the machines switched 3000 Trump votes and handed the victory to Biden until it was debunked.

In Ware County Georgia they tested a machine by running 100 Trump votes and 100 Biden votes through the vote counter but the tabulator said Biden was ahead by a score of 113 to 87.

The second video is also from Illinois. I guess advanced cheating is in big demand there.

is an anti-Trumper and a huge supporter of antifa that gives him away as being a Democrat.

In 2016 Coomer told the Illinois States Board of Elections that it was possible to bypass election systems software:

From The Gateway Pundit

And in 2017 Eric Coomer explained how to alter votes in the Dominion Voting Systems in a demonstration to Chicago officials.

This was a separate demonstration in the Chicago area (notice he is wearing a dark jacket and is without the wrist protector.)

We cannot allow something like this..

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