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Several U.S. Marshalls INJURED During Gun Battle In Democrat City!

The thing that you need to realize about cities with Democratic Party leadership is that they are not well run and crime-ridden.

I know of several people in the past year that have moved to different places just because they couldn’t take any more of the decades of Democratic Party meddling that has taken place in their cities.

It is pretty sickening to think that things like that you are about to hear are an almost daily occurrence in so many places in our country.

Three United States Marshals attempted to bring in a suspect from a home in the Bronx neighborhood of rabidly Democrat New York City. After an explosive gun battle, two of the federal agents were rushed to the hospital. New York City is just like all the other Democrat strongholds that frown on law and order.

Marshals move in on Bronx home

An early morning gun battle left two U.S. marshals injured Friday when they tried to apprehend a suspect in Bronx, New York.

According to police, around 5:30 a.m. shots were fired on Ely Avenue near the intersection with Edenwald Avenue.

When the shooting stopped, the marshals were rushed to nearby Jacobi Hospital “for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries.”

Officials report that both officers are in stable condition. One was shot in the elbow and thigh, the other was hit in the leg.

The suspect, Andre Sterling, had been armed with a 9 mm Glock handgun which was recovered at the scene. He wasn’t nearly as good a shot as the Marshals.

The police department relates that he was “shot and killed on-site.” A “second suspect” was involved in the shootout. He was also taken to the hospital for treatment.

Wanted for shooting a trooper

Three marshals were sent in because Sterling was wanted for allegedly opening fire on a 28-year-old Massachusetts State Trooper on November 20.

His arrest warrant listed “multiple charges including armed assault with intent to murder and possession of a firearm.” The trooper took a round through his right hand which then struck his body armor.

Before the Marshals started looking for him, Sterling had two bonus warrants in Massachusetts “on charges including identity fraud and assault and battery on a police officer.” He wasn’t real welcome in Wyoming either.

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