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This Whistleblower’s Testimony Has Rocked Biden To His CORE! [VIDEO]

Running an election is a lot like running any large scale business, you have to have a lot of people to get it to run smoothly.

Now, while these people are off performing the tasks that they have been charged with performing, there are always going to be people on the inside trying to rig the game for the person that they are charged with rigging it for.

Every once in a while, the worker ants of the whole situation see what the people in charge have been caught doing and are brave enough to speak up so hopefully, it doesn’t happen again.

Bombshell whistleblower testimonies were given in Michigan alleging fraud and impropriety in the counting of ballots during and after Election Day.

On Tuesday, at a Michigan Senate Oversight Committee hearing, three women who were present during the counting of ballots during and after Election Day described in detail the fraud and impropriety they had witnessed.

Whistleblower #1: Patty

One GOP poll watcher, identified only as Patty, alleged that she had seen ballots which appeared to be Xerox copies of a pro-Biden military ballot being repeatedly scanned into the system. She also testified that the names on the ballots did not correspond with registered voters.

“Not one of the military ballots was a registered voter, and the ballots looked like they were all exactly the same Xerox copies of the ballot. They were all for Biden across the board. There wasn’t a single Trump vote, and none of the voters were registered,” she said.

“They had to manually enter the names, addresses, the birthdate of 1/1/2020, which would override the system and allow them to enter non-registered voters of which I saw several that day, throughout the day. That’s how they would override voters that were neither in the electronic poll book nor in the supplemental updated poll book,” the whistleblower continued.

Patty, who stated that she has nine years of experience, also testified that when she and other GOP poll watchers brought their concerns to election officials, the officials “would tell us no.”

The whistleblower also alleged that when the military ballots came in, the GOP observers were told to take a break and go upstairs to eat, while Democratic poll watchers had food brought in and were able to eat on the same floor, suggesting the unequal treatment of observers.

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