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He Was Facing 80 Counts Of CHILD MOLESTATION. What Happened Next Stunned EVERYONE!

Sometimes, when you are trying to get justice done, you have the people that have committed the crime do justice for you.

I remember one time when there was a rash of auto break-ins in our neighborhood a few years ago, you had everyone getting cameras for their driveway.

The thing about it was, it wasn’t what caught the guy. It was the fact that he had dropped his wallet under one of the cars he was trying to break into and not noticing it until the next day.

That’s relatively minor when you compare it to someone who has done horrible things to children.

A man who was facing 83 charges on child molestation was found dead in his jail cell Monday morning.

The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office said 48-year-old James Palmucci was found by jail staff with fabric around his neck.

The Sheriff’s Office said Palmucci’s victims were young teenage girls who he connected with over Snapchat.

Authorities said they found videos on his phone of him with the victims.

Palmucci was due to appear in court Monday morning.

Detectives are currently investigating.

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