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Health Alert: Biden Caught Once Again Not Knowing Where The Heck He Is! [VIDEO]

I would always have assumed that when you run for public office you would have someone that would make sure of certain basic things like the candidate knowing where the heck they are.

Now, I have taken many cross country train trips in my life so I have honestly woken up at stops not knowing what state I was in. That being said, I  haven’t exactly been asked to run for President either.

If the old adage that forgetfulness is a form of freedom is true, then 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is probably feeling beyond liberated these last few years.

Unlike the vast majority of his left-wing collaborators, however, the former vice president doesn’t just live life detached from reality in the metaphorical sense, but in the literal as well, often forgetting where exactly he even is.

Heck, as my grandmother used to say of me in my childhood: If his head were not attached to his body, I’m afraid he would forget about that too from time to time.

And if you needed an example, Biden was happy to oblige Friday, when he made a strange point of addressing “the needs of the people of Arizona” while dodging a question about court packing during an interview in Las Vegas.

“I think it’s a legitimate question to ask, but you know what this is all about,” Biden told KLAS-TV. “The president doesn’t want to talk about — all this time, they’re working on making sure they push through a nomination that is — when the election’s already begun, and it’s never been done before.”

“Over four million people have already voted. And what are they doing?” Biden added indignantly.

“Instead of meeting to deal with the needs of the people of Arizona and the rest of the country, what do they do? They don’t have time to do that.”

Where exactly Biden was going with that, goodness only knows.

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