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You always find that you can learn a lot from people not from what they tell people to do but what they do after they tell people what to do.

For example, I was in a grocery store a couple of weeks ago and there was someone that I  know that I listen to a week before that was going on a rant about people not wearing masks in stores. This person was not only not wearing a mask, but complaining about having to do it. You can tell they were doing both for street cred like they were ten years old or something.

Biden is the classic case of someone that does a lot of behind the back talk when it comes to what he wants to do and what he tells people to do.

On Friday, former vice president and Democratic vice presidential nominee Joe Biden was ridiculed on social media for disregarding basic COVID rules, once a video went viral showing him pulling his protective mask down during the speech so that he could cough into his hand.  Remember, Biden is Mr. Put on a Mask!

The video reveals Biden talking to a Nevada audience, when he suddenly pauses to pull down his mask so that he could cough into his hand, a move that causes more germs to be spread around than coughing into a mask or your elbow.  I don’t like the elbow coughing, but I digress.

Biden then pulled the mask back up into place, using the same hand he just coughed into, and the moment was over, but it had really only begun on social media.

Steve Guest, a Republican rapid response guy, was plain spoken about Biden’s faux pas.


By leftist standards, Biden has no regard for the people around him.  He could have made someone sick.  He could have killed Kenny!

Biden, who has repeatedly pushed for a national mask mandate to stop the spread of COVID-19, was berated by critics who accused him of hypocrisy.  How much do you want to bet that before this news cycle is over someone will blame Donald Trump?

There was no need for the former vice president to wear a mask in the first place.  He was doing it for political reasons.   He wasn’t even wearing the mask correctly, covering only his mouth.  His nose is exposed in the video.

Democrats have been trying to scare the living hell out of everyone over this virus, but they will say nothing when one of their own breaks the rules.  For example, after Biden coughed into his open hand, he touched the podium, and now some low level intern was going to have to remove the podium after the speech and touch the areas Biden touched with his germ-filled hand.

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