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Liberal California Shut This Bar Down, The Bar Said “IT’LL COST YA!”

I have never seen any bar that survived without there being people in it.

Face it, you can have all the beer deliveries from bars to homes all you want and it will never match the amount of money that a bar can bring in.

I knew a guy that ran a bar for thirty years in an Air Force town and when he found out the base was closing he retired two months later. That being said, there has been a lot of government overreach when it comes to enforcement of COVID restrictions to the point that you have to wonder if they want all of these businesses to fail.

According to the claim, Leo Amari, who owns Rocco’s Tavern in Old Pasadena, is asking for $6 million or $300,000 per month for as long as the city’s health order lasts.

The claim lists the “city of Pasadena, through Mayor and Public Health Officer” as the city employees causing the damage or injury.

“The order [as revised and supplemented] ordered the temporary closure of claimant’s business and other restrictions on claimant’s business, including but not limited to the closure of bars and on premises and indoor dining,” according to the claim. “The order has caused and continues to cause irreparable harm to claimant to this day and for the foreseeable future.”

Amari could be the first local for-profit business owner to file a claim against the city regarding the city’s safer at home order.

Harvest Rock Church has lost twice in court in a lawsuit that would allow churches to once again hold indoor services.

The state’s health and safety law allows local health officers to take any preventive measures that may be necessary to protect and preserve the public health from any state of emergency declared by the governor after a local health emergency has been declared,

A claim is the first step in filing a lawsuit. The city has 45 days to respond to the document, which was accepted by the City Clerk’s office on Sept. 18.

City Manager Steve Mermell instituted the local safer at home order on March 22, according to an attachment filed with the claim.

Immediately after that, Gov. Gavin Newsom’s statewide mandate forced millions of Californians, including Pasadenans, to stay at home and follow social distancing rules, except in the event of several conditions, and closed all non-essential businesses.

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