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This Secret Service Agent SLAMMED Trump To The MSM, THIS Agent SHUT HIM UP!

When I was in middle school, someone in my class had a relative that was in the Secret Service so we got to have a little mini assembly where we could ask questions and they told us what he did.

It was pretty interesting. For about an hour, we got to pick the guy’s brain and it was definitely an eye-opening experience to some of the stuff that they do.

One thing that we did not learn was what they thought of each of the President. Oh sure, they had funny stories but nothing out of school.

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino ripped into the anonymous former Secret Service agent who’s apparently been breathlessly bashing President Donald Trump to the media.

According to Bongino, the hundreds of former Secret Service colleagues he knows support the president and were not offended by POTUS’s car visit to his supporters on Sunday.

The singular agent, Bongino claimed, is serving “as a quote factory for negativity when they need to advance a narrative.”

“A former USSS agent who was an agent on the presidential protection division and served under two presidents texts,” reported Yashar Ali on Sunday. The texts read as follows:

“I am beside myself. He is willfully disregarding the health and safety of the agents around him. They have no choice as they will carry out their mission but if this is not a clear indication that he could give two sh*** about their health safety then I do not know what is.”

“I remember a time when we used to judge protectees based on whether they traveled over the holidays; thus impacting the family lives of the agents. Now moving forward I guess the litmus test is whether or not the president will kill me.”

Bongino, who is now a conservative commentator and the founder of The Bongino Report, blasted: “Just to be clear folks, I remain in contact with hundreds of my former colleagues in the Secret Service and this is BULL***,” he wrote to Twitter on Monday. “This ‘commentary’ is from one agent (we all pretty much know who it is) who serves as a quote factory for negativity when they need to advance a narrative.”

President Trump, who recently tested positive for the China-originated novel coronavirus, took a brief car ride outside Walter Reed Medical Center on Sunday to wave to supporters from inside his vehicle.

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