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Their Kids Walked Up To A Cop And What They Told Him Will Make You Want To Vomit!

Many years ago, I went on a tour of a prison that had been closed down and turned into a museum. The guide had been a guard and knew his way around the joint.

He also knew some of the stories that might make you a little squeamish to hear.

For example, he told us part of a story about what the other inmates had done to a child predator. It was some really ghastly stuff, but definitely what the sicko needed to have done to them.

28-year-old Dallas Hogue was charged with the rape of a child and 28-year-old Mortiana Stewart was charged with child abuse and neglect after two of their children ran away and were found at Dollar General, who told police their father makes them perform oral sex on him.

On August 31st, Shelby County Sheriff’s Deputies Hunt, Javins, Earnest, Young, Gore, and Weary were dispatched to Dollar General at 6040 Raleigh Millington Road for two found children. The children, 9-year-old A. S. and 6-year-old E. H. were waiting with the store clerk.

They told the deputies that they left their home and started toward Dollar General when someone gave them a ride. The children were unsure of their address but said they could show the deputies where they lived.

However, the older child said she would rather go to her grandmother’s where she wouldn’t be whipped. The deputies were able to note several bruises on the children, which they said were from being whipped.

The juveniles were taken to their home at 4581 Columbia Woods Lane. On the way there, the 6-year-old told the deputies his father, Dallas Hogue, makes him perform oral sex on him. When they arrived at the home, deputies tried to make contact with Hogue who claimed he needed a key to open the security door, but tried to escape through the back door where Deputy Earnest detained him without incident.

Hogue divulged there was another child, 7-year-old K. S. who they found in a bedroom on the bed. The home was filthy with garbage, bugs, and animal feces. While waiting in the patrol vehicle, the 9-year-old child also admitted Hogue forces her to perform oral sex on him. Mortiana Stewart arrived at the home during the investigation and was taken into custody without incident.

Dallas Hogue was arrested and charged with child rape. He remains jailed in lieu of a $200,000 bond.

Mortiana Stewart was arrested and charged with child abuse and child neglect or endangerment. She is currently jailed in lieu of a $10,000 bond.

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