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There is absolutely nothing wrong with protesting when there is something that needs to be spoken about that isn’t being given the attention that it deserves.

Also, one thing that people who think they are protesting need to realize is that not everyone knows why you are pissed off and that people will rarely comply if they are being forced to do something.

This is why when there are good people willing to stand up for what is right that those people need to do the right thing.

As looters and fires raged Monday night through downtown Kenosha, Wisconsin, some citizens grabbed their guns and tried to protect the community from destroying itself.

Videos posted to Twitter showed men holding rifles and wearing protective gear taking positions to protect some businesses amid a second night of unrest.

The city erupted in flames and rage Sunday after 29-year-old Jacob Blake, a black man, was shot multiple times by police. (Blake is in serious but stable condition, according to USA Today). Monday saw a repetition of the violence.

The armed men who appeared on the streets Monday appeared to sympathize with the anti-police protesters, but sought to limit the damage after Sunday’s rioting resulted in a ransacked car dealership and a damaged library.

“We’re trying to stop them from hurting their own community,” one man said.

Townhall reporter Julio Rosas said in a tweet that one of the armed men stopped rioters from attacking a car dealership.

The men disavowed membership in a militia, and simply asked to be called “armed citizens.”

In a separate video, protesters could be seen jeering at the armed citizens, one of whom replied.

“I’m on your side as long as you’re against the cops. But you can’t burn down your local businesses,” he told them.

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