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In the world that we live in now, it makes sense that there are some people getting released from jail or prison that have relatively minor sentences.

Guy arrested for murder? Keep him put away. The guy that got caught with some dirty needles? Get that guy some help, tell him to stay home.

There seems to be this almost willingness to let everyone that is arrested for anything to be let out on bail that it is beginning to get to the point where they are letting the most dangerous among us out on bail.

Just over a week after he was arrested in Calgary, an alleged ISIS member accused of taking part in a kidnapping in Syria was ordered released on bail Thursday.

Hussein Sobhe Borhot must post $30,000 in bail, wear an ankle monitor and remain in Alberta. He is not permitted to apply for a passport or posses firearms or explosives.

The 34-year-old was charged July 22 with four counts of terrorism over his alleged role in ISIS, which he is accused of joining in 2013 until returning to Canada in 2014.

He faces a possible life sentence if convicted on all counts, but the Alberta court ruled he could be released to await his trial. A bail hearing was held in Calgary on Friday.

Borhot was first identified as a possible ISIS member in files smuggled out of Syria, which showed a Calgary man with the same name and birthdate had join the terror group in 2013.

The ISIS files listed him as a fighter.

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