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ALERT: MILLIONS In BLM Donations Secretly Routed To Creepy Uncle Joe!

One of the big problems when donating to an organization is that you want to know where your money is going, that it is being used properly.

For example, once many years ago a former friend of mine came to me at work and needed some money to pay his electric bill. Tears were in his eyes as he told me the story. I went to an ATM at lunch and got him the money. More tears.

About six hours later, I am coming off of an overtime shift at work and I stop at a gas station I don’t usually go to. I see him in there, with the cash I gave him buying beer and lottery tickets. I barely said anything.

The next day I found out that he had quit his job to save from having to deal with me. I never saw him again.

Joe Biden’s campaign noted that the majority of Americans are not on board with lawlessness across America, and that’s why he came out and stated he is against the “Defund the Police” movement sponsored by Black Lives Matter.

However, poor Joe’s got a huge problem. He will be beholden to “defund the police” if elected after his campaign was caught in an alleged money-laundering scheme taking millions from BLM. Don’t miss this.

It all started after Black Lives Matters managing director, Kailee Scales, conducted a disastrous virtual town hall. She was hard-pressed to disclose where and how exactly the money received from donations to BLM was being used.

Internet sleuths began looking into BLM’s donation page. Strangely, BLM’s donation page has an ActBlue internet address. Which means those millions of dollars in donations following George Floyd’s death, and during the riots and mayhem, went to ActBlue.

What’s ActBlue? “A web-based platform that’s funneling an unprecedented amount of cash from individual donors to Democratic candidates,” MinnPost reports.

But it gets better. When users reach BLM’s homepage, it features a “Defund the Police” petition front and center, and if they chose to donate, it goes to ActBlue, who then routes the cash to the Democratic Party.

Candace Owens is exposing this scheme: “100 million dollar question that leftists are refusing to answer: To what organization do the funds raised on the Black Lives Matter website go? BLM raised 40 million dollars in 48 hours because of George Floyd’s death. But WHO did Act Blue direct that funding to?” she tweeted.

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