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School can be so boring sometimes, especially math classes. But, things can happen that change the entire learning process and make it quite interesting. Just like a recent story of a math teacher who broke the internet. Some students made a video of her, and it went viral because people couldn’t believe how good she looked. Everyone started calling her the most attractive teacher ever.
This Is the Teacher That Went Viral

The kids in this school were fortunate enough to have this astonishing beauty as their teacher.She is a young, modern, confident, and beautiful woman and her students love spending time with her. Okay, but there are millions of beautiful women in the world. So why does this teacher stand out?
Her Features Are Not the Only ThingHer Features Are Not the Only Thing
Besides having a handsome body and a beautiful face, this lady has the brains as well.

She teaches math, so learning about square roots, equations, and all that other boring stuff is much easier if there is a beautiful, young woman standing in front of you.

Some Students Made a Video of Her During Class

Some Students Made a Video of Her During Class

The video became viral almost instantly and people all around the world found out about this stunning math teacher. Maybe this is the way to get kids to learn math? Maybe some kids will decide to study math, inspired by the beautiful teacher?

Even though she is aware of the fact that people see her as an astonishing beauty, she is a modest and pleasant girl. When she enters the classroom, it is time for math. And she is a professional, so no one is trying to make any jokes while she is teaching.

Take a Peak at One of Her Classes

Oksana Neveselaya is an esteemed University of Kiev graduate and well-liked math teacher. She’s also probably the hottest single equation-solving native of Belarus you’re likely to get a look at today, if not ever.

It doesn’t hurt that Neveselaya has supposedly described herself as a “sensual” math teacher—that alone would be enough to make it clear she’s aware of just how high her hotness quotient truly is—but we also have her Instagram, which is a decidedly non-academic delight.

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