Do You See What’s ‘WRONG’ With This Model’s Body? Look Closer [Photos]

A Russian beauty queen is being shamed for the size of her feet.

Anastasia Reshetova, 21, is a former Miss Russia finalist who often posts sexy photos of herself online, the Daily Mail reports.

But some recent snaps she posted have not been getting the intended response.

In the photos, she is seen sitting on a yacht, wearing a bikini.

“The atmosphere is awesome,” she wrote as a caption.

But instead of noticing her figure, some followers got distracted by her feet, which they said were too big.

“We don’t see the atmosphere, we see the size…” commented one observer. Another compared her feet to flippers worn by SCUBA divers.

Less superficial fans were quick to defend her.

“I have size 41 but actually 42, and it is really hard to get a nice pair of shoes for my feet,” wrote one sympathetic follower, giving sizes that compare to U.S. women’s shoe sizes 10 to 12.

“But who cares?!” the same person emphatically added. “This is not the worst thing in the world. Haters are simply willing to find a tiny thing about you that they can nag about.”

“People, stop being so full of hate,” another said, then paraphrased something from the New Testament: “Check out your own look first prior to criticizing others.”

It’s not the first time that Reshetova has been body-shamed. She has been criticized for both being too thin and for being too fat.

During Moscow Fashion Week, some critics said she had gained too much weight.

“I wouldn’t have thought I would feel so confident at my age,” she explains. “At school I was bullied by both girls and boys. As people say: You are judged by how you look. One way or another people will pay attention to the cover, and only after will they see what is actually inside.”
As for her allegedly oversized feet, the photos might have inadvertently won her legions of new fans, especially among foot fetishists.

Sexual fetishes, defined as “obsessive fascinations,” are common, reports the website Big Think. The novel “50 Shades of Grey,” with its plot involving sexual fetishism, sold 10 million copies.

According to the Journal of Sex Research, one-third of all Americans have engaged in a sexual fetish, and a University of Bologna study revealed that almost one-half of all fetishes involve feet.

These statistics could point the way to a whole new market for Reshetova.

Sources: Daily Mail, Big Think / Featured Image: Mark Nakoykher/Wikimedia Commons / Embedded Images: CEN/Anastasia Reshetova via Daily Mail

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