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Would-Be Robber Pulls Gun On Store Clerk, Has No Clue He’s A Combat Trained Veteran (video)

Robbing store clerks is, unfortunately, not an uncommon issue. In many cases, the clerk either gives up the money or they get hurt. However, there are some stories that end much differently. In a recent story, one clerk was not going to be a victim, and this is something that the robber certainly did not expect. When you watch the video, while guns were involved, the entire incident is largely non-violent. This incident happened in September 2013, but it is being reported in recent news.

The situation happened in a Marionville, Missouri liquor store. A man came in and appeared to want to get some money and free stuff from the store. Unfortunately, liquor stores are often a target when it comes to robberies due to having a lot of liquor, cigarettes, and cash on hand in most cases.

This robber did not expect to have such a confrontation when he pulled his gun and made his demands to the clerk at the store. He had no idea about the background of the clerk and that this clerk knew how to defend himself. Jon Lewis Alexander was the clerk at the liquor store and he was once a military police officer. This means that he has had extensive training when it comes to how to handle this type of situation. He did not even blink before he took action to defend himself and the store.

The robber told Alexander that he had to give him all of the money. The would-be robber was smoking when he entered the store and Alexander told him he would have to leave. This then prompted the robber to pull a gun and try to intimidate Alexander, but Alexander was not having any of that. He stood firm and the robber was not going to get any money when he was on shift.

Alexander had a weapon too and put it against the mouth of the robber. He told him that he needed to immediately leave the store, or he was going to blow his head off. The robber did not hesitate to quickly get out of the store. Once he saw that Alexander was not going to be a victim, he backed up and exited out of the door.

This was all caught on video and it is nice to see a robber not getting their way. The more people who stand their ground, the more robbers will see that they cannot just turn people into victims for their own personal gain. It is almost guaranteed that Alexander and his store are not going to be the target of robbers anytime soon because none of the robbers want to have that level of resistance.

Hopefully, this story is one that a lot of would-be robbers will see. It shows you that you do not know what to expect when you approach a clerk. Some of them are not just going to roll over and allow you to rob them. Some will fight back, and this could result in major issues for you, both physically and legally.


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