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It’s absolutely sickening the way that Christians and Christianity have been treated the past couple of years. It seems almost as if we are going slowly back to Roman times when they would feed us to lions for entertainment.

Barack Obama has proven on multiple occasions that he has NO issue disrespecting people who don’t think like him. A recently released video shows how he feels about the good-hearted Christians of our country.

The 2006 video shows Obama speaking as a Senator during the Call to Renewal Conference. During his speech, Obama makes repeated stabs at the Bible and even says that we cannot look to it for moral teachings. Such a weird thing to say considering this is a man who has praised the Koran on MULTIPLE occasions. 

Former President Obama makes remarks about how the Bible condones slavery and makes it acceptable to stone your children if they don’t accept Jesus Christ into their life. It is beyond twisted that he would make remarks like this without actually explaining the passages. His out of context rambling is disturbing, to say the least.

He skimmed and cherry-picked the parts that would make his argument sound valid, then spouted them without thinking twice about what he was saying. He then went on to personally insult Christians who DO follow the word of God.

Instead of leaving the Bible up for interpretation by followers, he assumes that he knows exactly what Christ meant and what his intentions were, as described in the book. How could he possibly know that?

The real insults started when he said that people must not read the Bible. So, because we don’t take the Bible in the same sense as you, we must not be reading it? That is a blatant insult and completely uncalled for on many levels!

We are talking about a man who openly supports the Koran, says that Islam is a religion of peace, and did everything in his power to allow people to flock here illegally. Obama has done nothing but DISGRACE this country and our values.

Speaking of values, he also noted that the Bible runs in conflict with American values. Why doesn’t he look at the Koran and point out where it says that all non-believers are infidels and must be murdered. How is THAT not hateful?

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