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He Placed A HIDDEN CAMERA On His Kid Before Day Care. What It Showed Will Make Your Heart Drop!

You have to make sure that your property and loved ones are safe, and should take every measure to do so.

For example, I had a relative house sit for me for a couple of days while my family and I had to go out of town. This person is usually a trustworthy person but you never know, so we installed a relatively undetectable camera in a spot in the living room that they never would have seen.

We were able to check in from time to time in order to make sure that everything was alright. Sure enough, it was but if we had asked someone else to watch the house…

One father had grown concerned for his six-month-old child’s welfare. Because he was not sure if the child was being treated properly at daycare, he decided to take measures into his own hands. So the concerned father strapped a spy camera to the infant before bringing the baby to 60-year-old Rebecca Anderson’s daycare center in Mesquite, Texas.

Anderson ran the daycare center out of her home and now has to face the law because of what the father found on the security camera.

In the footage from the hidden camera, Anderson is caught “yanking” the baby out of the car seat with so much force it will make you cringe. Anderson grabbed the baby by the bib and legs then feed the six-month-old an unknown substance through a syringe.

After dad saw the footage, he notified the police immediately. And when they came knocking on Anderson’s door to find out what really goes on at Becky’s Day Care in Mesquite, they found the unthinkable happening in her master bedroom closet. Police found four children strapped in their car seat with ties around their necks locked in the bedroom closet. Police found another child locked in the bathroom. Four more children were also in the home under Anderson’s supervision.

As soon as the Texas police found out the truth about Anderson’s daycare, they arrested her and charged her with nine counts of child endangerment. She won’t be able to operate a daycare ever again.

But the truth keeps getting worse. Not only did Anderson lock the children in the closet she also force-fed them Tylenol to quiet them down.

If it was not for the concerned father who attached the spy camera to his six-month-old son’s car seat, they would never have learned what was really going on at her daycare facility.

Police busted into her at-home facility on Friday. They found four children locked in the closet and a fifth in the master bathroom. Each child had a shoe-lace-like tie attached to their necks, which were so tight they had to be snipped off. And when police asked her if these were all the children in the home, she lied. Although there were four more running about, she told the police that only the five that were trapped and strangled were under her supervision.

Moments later police learned the truth.

She later admitted that she often locked children in their car seats for up to seven hours and force-fed them Tylenol. And because these doses were unnecessary, they could have put the children’s lives at risk.

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