Woman Uses Men’s Bathroom At Garth Brooks Show, Instantly Suffers The Consequences

It’s no secret that women’s bathroom lines are usually longer than their male counterparts, but does that justify using another gender’s bathroom?

One North Dakota woman found the answer when she used the boy’s room at a Garth Brooks concert.


Samantha Bergh attended the country singer’s concert at the FARGODOME for Mother’s Day, reports KVLY. Before the concert, Bergh made a trip to the bathroom.

“Right Before Garth Brooks was to start we went to the bathroom. The women’s line was a good 100 people long. It was insanely long and there was no wait for the men’s so I just went into the men’s,” she says.

Her behavior was deemed unacceptable by management. Bergh and her husband were quickly escorted out the venue by Fargo police, according to NBC News.

However, Bergh says she wasn’t alone.


“There [were] other girls in the men’s bathroom actually. When I left the bathroom there was a woman in the men’s bathroom using the bathroom and all along in the other bathrooms there [were] women using the bathrooms. It was happening all over the place,” she says.

It’s not unusual for FARGODOME staff to tell patrons to walk around the arena in search of restrooms with shorter lines. But kicking someone out of a concert for using a different gender’s bathroom isn’t common.

“I hadn’t even been drinking,” says Bergh. “I wasn’t drunken belligerent, rude or anything like that.”


The FARGODOME General Manager did not know Bergh had been kicked out for using the men’s bathroom and could not be reached for comment. Though, the venue says that there are peak times to use the restrooms and using the opposite sex’s bathroom is frowned upon.

Bergh regrets missing the Brooks concert she had been looking forward to for months, simply because she committed a bathroom gaffe.


“I’ll never get that back. Nothing will ever give me that experience back.”

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