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The Democratic party has been around for quite a while. It was formed in 1792 when supporters of Thomas Jefferson started using the name Republicans, or Jeffersonian Republicans, to emphasize its anti-aristocratic policies. It adopted its present name during the Presidency of Andrew Jackson in the 1830s and hasn’t changed names since.


Throughout the years, political parties tend to flip-flop depending on the issues, but one thing is clear. Since the days of Nathaniel Grigsby, the Democrats haven’t inspired a lot of trust for the American people.

Unfortunately, the Democratic Party seems to have forgotten the core principal surrounding America’s Democracy. The recent action taken by Democrats since President Trump’s election has proven that they have completely forgotten how our government works. Since Hillary lost, liberals have been throwing a continuous temper tantrum even though their candidate lost fair and square.


Apparently, their behavior hasn’t changed much since they were first organized all those years ago and thanks to one man gravestone from 1890 we know they are not any better now than they were when Andrew Jackson was around.

According to The Conservative Post:


Democracy is based on the idea that having two separate parties that formed through difference of opinion can come together and compromise to some form of a medium.

Unfortunately, the Democratic Party seems to have forgotten the core principal surrounding America’s Democracy.

Recent liberal actions in the wake of Republican President Trump’s election have been horrific and do not display what the country was founded on.

The Democratic Party has displayed nothing but petulant behavior after their candidate lost fair and square.

One man was wise beyond his years and knew that the problems he witnessed would continue and decided to leave a grave message in the most ironic way imaginable.

Nathaniel Grigsby was born on October 11, 1811. He was a Civil War veteran, a 2nd Lieut., of Company G, 10th Indiana Cavalry. He was a farmer.

He was also a friend of Abraham Lincoln.

In 1860, he was living in Norborne. He wrote to Lincoln and received an appointment as Republican Precinct Committee Man. He placed Lincoln’s name on the 1860 ballot. All of Natty’s neighbors were Southern sympathizers. He had been talking about electing Lincoln for president in town. One morning at about 2 or 3 a.m. a neighbor rode up and told Natty not to light any lights. The neighbor wanted to warn him that his neighbors were planning to murder him and if he wanted to live he should be on his way.

After the warning, Natty moved back to Spencer Co., IN where he and four of his five sons enlisted in Company C 10th IN Cavalry (Richmond Davis did not enlist). Natty was named 2nd Lieutenant. ~Authentic Campaigner

In 1890, Mr. Grigsby passed away in Kansas. However, he left a brilliant warning to future generations inscribed on his tombstone.











Here is more from Daily Kos:

The Grigsby men in the midwest were staunch Union men, strong supporters of the young Republican Party. The polarization was just a little greater then than it is now. The Grigsbys did not believe in secession, feeling that it was treason. Nor did they believe it was proper to claim to “own” another person. They were Republicans. And they were willing to bear arms in support of the Union.


The Democrats, on the other hand, led the fight for the expansion of slavery, and when that failed, the fight for secession. They remained the party of the South for years and years, until Lyndon Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act of 1965. And then they turned coat faster than anyone would have believed possible and became Republicans rather than accept the African American as a full and equal member of society. And the Republican Party, which today would never have accepted Abraham Lincoln as a member, much less standard bearer, embraced the lost Cause of the South in an effort, led by a Quaker from California, to win the White House. It worked.


The ancestors of today’s Republicans were called Democrats. Today the Republican Party is the Party that speaks of secession, of treason, as Nathaniel Grigsby had carved into his tombstone. He fought them when they were called Democrats and if he were alive today, he would still know who the traitors to the Union are, regardless of any name change.


Nathaniel Grigsby may be long gone, but he knew his words would stay etched in his grave for generations. He was a good American patriot who saw the dangers of the Democrats. Imagine what he would say if he was alive today. It’s chilling that a man who has been dead for 125 years can see the truth more than modern-day liberal snowflakes who are continuing to be brainwashed by these liberal universities. Maybe if these modern days Democrats were given a true history lesson they would be singing a completely different tune, but unfortunately, that is not the case and it will take more life experience before they realize that the world is not all rainbows and lollipops.


What do you think about Nathaniel Grigsby’s chilling message?

H/T [ Conservative Post]

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