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Road Rage: Man Rips Dog Out Of Car Next To Him And Throws It Into The Street [RAW VIDEO]


What possesses someone to take their anger out on a helpless little creature.

It’s not like the dog was to blame so why treat the animal this way?

Luckily it was all captured on video.

A driver allegedly grabbed a small dog from the vehicle next to his and threw it in an act of road rage, according to a video captured by the passengers inside the vehicle behind the two cars.

The video shows a red Honda next to a white Toyota in Montclair, New Jersey, as the two drivers are involved in an altercation, WKXW-FM reported.

The older man recoils and falls after attempting to punch the long-haired, younger man. The older man goes after the other man again, this time grabbing and pushing him.

“What’s your f***ing problem?” he yells.

The older man goes over to the driver’s side door of the white Toyota when the long-haired man opens the Toyota’s passenger door and throws the dog onto the sidewalk.

Moments later, the dog runs toward the Toyota near the Honda right as the long-haired man gets into his vehicle and drives away.

The passengers recording the incident began to scream in fear that the car ran the dog over.

“The dog’s going to die!” one voice yells. “Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Why’d he do that to his dog?”

The video’s quality and the way it was shot make it hard to see the dog’s fate, but the animal did survive, investigators say.





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