Amazing Air Force One Facts That Only A Few Presidents Have Been Willing To Confess

How Fast And How High?

Air Force One can fly over 700 miles per hour.  That’s really fast!  It can also fly higher than most commercial planes, at a height of 45,000 feet.  That’s 10,000 feet higher than the normal cruising altitude of any other passenger airliner.  Despite its crazy speed, Air Force One flies very smoothly.


Air Force One Never Has To Touch Ground

This is probably one of the coolest facts about Air Force One.  Air Force One can refuel in the sky.  It never has to touch ground.  If it wanted to, it could fly forever.  It can keep the president in the sky as long as it has to.  Another cool fact: Air Force One has a 3,000 gallon fuel tank.

Air Force One Has Two Restaurants On Board

There are essentially two restaurants aboard Air Force One – well, they’re two massive kitchens that always have food available.  The president and his guests can have anything they desire Air Force one is staffed with top rated chefs, and each kitchen holds up to 100 people.  That’s pretty big!

Phones Are Everywhere

Air Force One has over 85 phones.  But why?  Well, it’s the most secure place the president can talk, even over the White House.  The Airborne Executive Phone has a light on the back that lights up red when secure.  There are dozens of less secure lines aboard for the press and staff that travel with the president.

There Are Super Spy Cameras In The Wheel Wells

In 1959, President Eisenhower instructed Allen Dulles, the Director of Central Intelligence at the time, to install cameras in the wheel wells of Air Force One.  These cameras were so powerful that even in 1959 they could read license plates from the sky.  No matter the reason for the installation, you can’t deny how unbelievable that is!  It it continued to be believed by aviation experts that updated sky-to-ground camera tech continues be in use in various locations on the underbelly of the aircraft, including the wheel wells.

Air Force One Is Large Enough To Be A House

Air Force One is large enough to be a house.  It has three stories of 4,000 square feet.  The president has his own large office, lavatory, and conference room.

There are private quarters for special guests, and all the furniture is exquisite like it belongs in some exotic mansion.

How Much Does Air Force One Cost To Fly?

The Air Force One costs $206,000 an hour to operate.  That’s staggering compared to the $20,000 an hour it costs for a commercial airline.

President Trump’s traveling costs were $10 million his first month in office. Presidential travel involves hundreds of people and dozens of aircraft.  The costs add up.

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