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SICK: 4yr Old Raped And Tortured By Man Who Used Pliers For “Pleasure”

A 4 year old boy suffering from head and spinal cord injuries, with burns and fractures to his vertebrae, heel and pelvis was “lifeless” according to attending physicians when he was taken to Leeds General Infirmary.



Dean Cardiss, 31, used an array of horrifying weapons to subject the child to an agonising vile assault. Leeds Crown Court, West Yorks., found medical evidence that the boy had been sexually abused.


The brutal sadist has reportedly used a horse whip, wooden plank, and a Samurai sword leaving the 4 year old traumatized. The abuser also used hair straighteners, hair dryers to burn two young unsuspecting girls aged 3-4, as well as branding the boy with a red hot hair dryer.


Cardiss blamed other people for the wrongdoing throughout his trial but was then found guilty of one offence of wounding with intent, five offences of inflicting grievous bodily harm, offence of assault by penetration, and nine offences of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.


Judge Guy Kearl QC handed a life sentence with a minimum of 11 years behind bars. Describing the assailant “intelligent and manipulative” showing no remorsed and posed a danger to children and adults.


“The public needs protecting against you for the foreseeable future.”, the judge said.



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