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How Facebook Just Lynched An African American

This isn’t the beginning folks. This has been going on since 2014.

David Harris Jr, it just the latest to fall victim to facebooks censorship.

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When my partner at the time and I stood up and tried to warn people this was the way it was headed people said “go take off that tinfoil hat.” Well, how about that tinfoil hat now? Since October of 2018 it’s only gotten worse. I lost all my pages due to “inauthentic behavior” I spoke at lengths with people at facebook and NONE could give me a real explanation and when I asked why there are pages with vulgarity or nudity (see examples below) my questions were disregarded.  

I have not seen a page grow at the rate of this page since maybe Q1 2016. According to the page transparency tool this page was created in December of 2018 and somehow has amassed 141,000 likes and 143,000 followers. How is that even possible?  For example I created a new age on Facebook in March…. It now has 936 likes and 942 followers.   You can find it here if you’re so inclined. However we’re not using it. 







This is my post from November, when I joined Minds:

Facebook after YEARS of us growing accounts, advertising, engaging users, and following rule change after rule change… POOF in one day with one keystroke they removed and or deleted all our accounts. Personal private account G.O.N.E. Pages that took years to build grow and engage G.O.N.E. The only explanation which was in a press release stated “inauthentic behavior”. Not sure how or what that is, as we had verified pages and submitted business documents to verify it was a legit business and people behind it. We were 1 of several hundred others affected follower totals over 400 million collectively. Some of these people completely lost their livelihoods as did the employees that were working for them. So, again here we are. We’ve joined Minds. We have spoke to the people behind Minds and they have some really great plans! We’re happy to be here and look forward to growing somewhere that welcomes all speech!




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