Florida Family Was PISSED OFF After Daughter Is Sent Home From School In Underwear

A Florida family says they were upset when their 6-year-old daughter was sent home from school on the bus wearing nothing but a T-shirt and underwear.



“She’s been through enough in her life already and she’s only 6,” Raymond McCurdy, the girl’s dad, told WKMG News.

The Palm Coast dad said his daughter had wet her pants in class at Belle Terre Elementary. According to him, the girl had raised her hand to be dismissed to the bathroom but a teacher did not respond until it was too late.

“She has medical issues and when she has to go she has to go,” he said.


The girl was crying when she got off the bus, according to McCurdy.

“I kind of lifted her shirt once we got in the car and noticed she was in panties and a T-shirt only, her soiled clothes in a bag,” he said.

The school reportedly gave the girl a fresh change of underwear, but sent her home without any pants covering them. Concerned, McCurdy said he immediately contacted the school’s assistant principal.

“We asked her why my daughter was sent home in just panties and a T-shirt and she begins to tell me, ‘We thought she had a long enough shirt to be able to put her on the school bus and send her home,’” McCurdy said.

That answer wasn’t good enough for McCurdy.

“They make me send her to school in clothes to their expectations, why couldn’t you send my kid home in clothes to your expectations?” he said.

The school district told WKMG they are investigating McCurdy’s claims. The dad confirmed with the news station that the school had contacted him on Oct. 14 and said they would be investigating.

About 15 percent of grade school-age children wet their pants at school, according to a report published in The Journal of Urology.

The report suggests that part of the problem is that teachers don’t give students on-demand bathroom breaks at an early age, asking children to hold the urge until a scheduled break, Web MD reported.

As students in kindergarten and first grade are still learning bladder and bowel control, restricted bathroom access shouldn’t begin in school until about the third grade, when students are 8 or 9, the report concluded.



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