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After What de Blasio Just Tried To Do To The Trump Family He Receives a Dose of Karma

This is just par for the liberal course… We should rename their party to DoWe Cheatem & Howe 


One mayor has gone out of his way to criticize President Trump only to have the whole thing blow up in his face.

Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York decided it would be a good idea to threaten the Trump family with millions in fines at the very lobby in Trump Tower where the president launched his campaign.

Needless to say it didn’t go over well.


The mayor was fuming about Trump’s decisions to repeal multiple Obama-era environmental policies, back out of the Paris Climate Agreement and his appointment of climate change skeptics to the Cabinet. de Blasio accused Trump’s establishments of doing excess harm to the environment.


“His buildings are one of the biggest polluters in New York City,” de Blasio shouted. “Cut your emissions or we’ll cut something you really care about. We’ll take your money.”

But de Blasio made a big mistake choosing to take his fight to Trump Tower. The grounds where filled with Trump supporters, protesting de Blasio’s presence.


They rode glass elevator’s directly behind de Blasio with signs that read “Worst Mayor Ever,” “Failed Mayor,” and “Trump 2020.”

They shouted over him, drowning him out. Where that wasn’t enough, the building’s speaker system was playing at what many suspect was an increased volume.

Not a good day for the Democrat mayor has also made mention of plans to run in the 2020 election. He should take his reception at Trump Tower as a hint.


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