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Urgent: Are We All As Trump Supporters Finished? Destroyed [Video]

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CoalitionForTrump What Happened?

Well first thing I realize You can’t really read the the letter in the video very well so I have enclosed a link below to the entire letter.

It is a sad day when these two liberal professors from Missouri State University can spew a bunch of bull and send it to Facebook and Robert Muller and all of the President’s Largest Grassroots are wiped out. I promise you we have exhausted our legal abilities as we can no longer afford an effective legal counsel. While others in this document have turned their backs on the President we will not, we may die a fiery death, but we won’t give. We will defend our Constitution to the fullest and in the end we truly know we have done all we can.

To get a back story on us or to see our operations as far as boots on the ground visit Here . This is what is left of our operations. You can see our ground game has been severely damaged. Now here is the documentation read this entirely and it will blow your mind that something like this can happen in America


There are more inconsistencies in this letter than Nancy Pelosi talking about border legislation. First I founded most all of groups that were originally created for the Coalition, they called me Bob the builder. I did this not to raise funds, but so folks could have their own style of group to support candidate Trump. I then created the Donald Trump Page Administrators, later it became DTAP Elite as a place were owners of Trump groups and pages could interact and deal with issues that were happening in the beginning of the campaign. I don’t remember one instance where we fund raised for Trump on FB because he was self funding. I am absolutely positive I never gave Trump more than what is legal. Around 2500.00. But at this point what difference does it make, to quote a dumb Bitch. I have lost my job, my income, my connections on social media, lost everything I worked years to build. I literally worked 13 to 17 hours a day supporting candidate Trump. I am wiped out and my good name has been slandered. The FEC says this is “private”. I say put me in jail because you already took everything from me.

Ok, enough with the the destruction, let’s talk about rebuilding. We have partnered with the to bring us into a new era. We need your help and this is the plan.

First, go to and make a purchase. This is an urgent request if we are to not let President Trump down in 2020.

Second, click HERE and see how you can help build a brand new Social Media Site with conservative values as its core.

Third Share this video.

So you are skeptical huh? Well remember this, all funds from this shop will go directly to supporting President Trump in 2020. Without you, Trump will be a one term President. Don’t think for one minute we don’t need to be fighting the liberals and voter fraud in 2020, a major focus of ours in 2020. If there is one true part to this letter below it’s that we, The CoalitionForTrump played a major role in the Trump 2016 win. Please help us achieve even more in 2020. #BringBackTheCoalition

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