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Michelle Obama Tells Crowd She Was Sex Symbol, Gets Shocking Response [VIDEO]

What was promoted as a speech to young women about overcoming adversity turned into a massive “humblebrag” for the First Lady, who claims that people were more interested in her “looks” than her education.

During her time as First Lady, Michelle has been called many things and described in a multitude of different unflattering ways — but never once was she called a sex symbol. Barack Obama’s brash wife is one of the ugliest, most classless First Ladies America has ever had, but she sees herself in a very different light and shared her false outrage over the way she thinks men see her with an unsuspecting crowd.

While bragging about herself and the accomplishments she’s had in life, she described how she had to overcome a lot simply for being a woman. She whined that she wasn’t taken seriously because of her gender and that anything she had to say was often disregarded because men only saw her for her body. Carrying on that note, she said she couldn’t walk down the street without being gawked at, that men would practically swarm her, hoping for a look and perhaps even a grope. The thought of that actually happening, which is doubtful, is as gross as she looks to the rest of us.

The speech was supposed to empower women with a message that they can do anything they set their minds to, but got derailed by her arrogance about having succeeded despite being sexy in a “man’s world.” There was no reason to go off on that tangent when the crowd can see her in person and know she’s lying by looking at her.

No sooner did she get the words out, a recording of her nauseating speech leaked and has gone viral by repulsed people who are shocked that she would have the audacity to say she has sex appeal, which is a classless new low even for Michelle.

Article Sources:America Now

Video Credit: Youtube/Trump trust ME



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