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The mainstream media’s almost scary obsession with everything being politically correct especially among liberals is not something that is limited to just the United States.

This kind of loony nonsense has invaded much of western Europe where everyone is suddenly worried about offending everyone and it’s enough to drive you crazy.

Occasionally though, a ray of sunshine will come through and something will pop out of the clouds that is most decidedly NOT politically correct and show the true feelings of everyday people.

This seems to be the case in Denmark where a new policy was put into action to deal with people that have migrated to that country that have committed crimes and have been sentenced to deportation.

Makes sense too. If you go to another country you have to make yourself accustomed to their rules the same way if you were a smoker that is visiting the home of a non smoker you probably shouldn’t light up while sitting on their couch.

Its kind of refreshing to see a government entity of any manner say exactly what is going to happen to someone that breaks their laws without having to resort to the kind of sugar coating that would give most people diabetes on contact.

The tweet from the Danish People’s Party — which stands opposed to the widespread Middle Eastern migration into Europe — showed a boat approaching a small desert island and dropping off a dark-skinned man wearing the sort of attire commonly associated with Muslim migrants.

The 30-second animated clip referenced the new policy that would see foreign nationals convicted of crimes in Denmark essentially banished to a largely deserted island known as Lindholm while they awaited their eventual deportation.

Danish media outlet The Local reported that the text of the non-PC tweet roughly translated to: “Deported, criminal foreigners have NO reason to be in Denmark. Until we can get rid of them, we will move them to the island of Lindholm. They will be obliged to stay at the new deportation center at night and there will be police around the clock. Great!”

The new policy came as part of negotiations on a new budget deal by the conservative coalition government and their allies in the right-leaning Danish People’s Party, according to The Telegraph. The island of Lindholm is located off the coast of Denmark in the Stege Bay and is roughly 17 acres large.



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