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‘Time traveller’ from 2045 reveals the LAST ever US President… [VIDEO]

“Are you an Illuminati agent?”, one asks.

Another wacky viewer said: “Take us to the future.”

Others are asking the alleged time traveller for further proof to legitimise his wild claims.

One demanded: “Hey bud if you’re from the future then prove it.

“Show your ID.”

Another said: “Stop watching too many science fiction movies.”




Noah has become a viral sensation in recent weeks with his wild claims of what will happen in the future.

He infamously revealed who will be the US president and even spoke about what will happen to the UK after Brexit.But his latest interview with ApexTV may be the most baffling yet.

In the footage, the man can be seen revealing what he claims to be a time machine.

It is a solid, black cube that is alleged to hold “all of the technology” and will assist in escorting you back to your “natural year”.Noah explains that the cube will only work if you hold it next to your left wrist which, if you were a time traveller, would contain a chip device.

He claims to have been “fired” by the government and his chip was deactivated thus meaning he cannot longer “time travel”.

Noah added: “This is my last attempt.

“They really, really, really, don’t want me showing this to you.

Noah, the time traveller, sits with his alleged machine
“This looks like a standard black cube but when you hold it in your hand you realise how heavy it actually is.”The bizarre reveal was uploaded to YouTube a few days ago following the recent interview.

Since then, it has received almost 95,000 views and understandably drawn in many mixed comments.

One person said: “I was expecting something a bit bigger.”

While another believer added: “Hey Noah, I know this stuff too because I’m from 2050 and time is tearing apart.”

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