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SICK: Husband Learns Of Wife’s 50 Year Old Affair, And Does The Unthinkable

A man in Derwood, Maryland, was arrested and charged for beating his wife and burning her genitals with a curling iron after learning about a 50-year-old affair.




According to reports, 78-year-old George Kephart accused his wife of having an affair in the 1960s after hearing rumors. His wife — who suffers from severe dementia — confessed to cheating on him, prompting the man to beat and strangle her with his bare hands before burning her genitals with a curling iron.

Several days later, a caretaker noticed bruises on the woman’s neck, head, back, arms and legs. She alerted the couple’s son, who then notified police. A subsequent sexual assault exam revealed the burns and torn internal flesh. The victim told detectives that she fears her husband because he beats her and burns her “with fire.”

“He is a round, short, little guy who is ready to explode at any moment,” neighbor Zide Anani said. “I’m surprised he didn’t do it earlier because he’s really frustrated with the wife. The wife is a very sick woman. She is not moving, she is on oxygen, she needs help to do her regular things in life and the guy is just really fed up.”

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