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Oregon Town Facing Serious Health Emergency After Being Overrun With Anti-Vaccine Liberals!

When I was a kid, I got every vaccine I think that they had at the time and when I joined the military they gave me a bunch of them again.

The reason was that there are certain things that can get you sick and quickly. There’s no mistaking about it.

People that flat out refuse to allow their children to get any vaccines are kind of puzzling due to the fact that there are vaccines that have flat out eradicated some of the more potent diseases in the world.

They think that they are helping their kids yet they are putting them at serious risk.

Via Western Journal:

Portland, Oregon, is suffering a public health emergency as increasing numbers of residents become infected with measles.

Health officials confirmed Tuesday that 23 people have contracted the virus and one person has been hospitalized, The Washington Post reported.

They are investigating two more suspected cases, according to WaPo.

Authorities declared a public health emergency Friday in nearby Clark County.

Measles is an infectious viral disease that causes fever and a red skin rash. The virus can be dangerous and even fatal for young children, according to the Mayo Clinic. Symptoms do not appear for roughly 10 to 14 days after exposure to the virus.




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