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About Face! Mitt Romney Now Defending President Trump!

One of the greatest qualities that a person can have is to be able to admit that someone that they otherwise would not get along with is right when they are right.

Far too often when someone is correct about something we tend to as people want to disagree with them on that too just because they are against everything that we are.

Finding common ground is important because it’s the only way we can come to resolutions in any situation.

Once again, look at the way Lincoln had to operate when he was President. He had issues with his entire cabinet and they had the same issues with him.

Now, Donald Trump and Mitt Romney aren’t exactly the best of friends and they have made no bones about that. However, Romney has enough respect for the man to admit that he is right when he is right.

Via Western Journal:

Since an Op-Ed published just before he took office as senator from Utah, Mitt Romney has been the highest-profile opposition to President Trump from within his own party. On Friday, however, Romney was busy defending the president over the shutdown, just one day before Trump offered a proposal to end the impasse.

During an appearance in Ogden, Utah — where he visited with county commissioners and discussed what impacts the shutdown was having there — Romney told reporters that “it takes two to tango,”  but that he backed the president’s position.

Addressing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, according to The Associated Press, Romney said: “You and your fellow Democrats have voted for over 600 miles of border fence in the past, why won’t you vote for another few miles now?”

“I don’t understand their position,” he told reporters. “I really don’t.”

Romney also noted that Trump had intimated he was willing to allow recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program remain in the country.

“On policy, it strikes me like there’s not a big gap, but the politics have drawn people into different corners,” Romney said.

He urged both sides to “make a deal,” with Pelosi offering some money for border construction, in order to reopen the partially shut government. Romney also voiced his support for an initiative by Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson, a Republican, that would restore paychecks to essential government workers currently working without being paid.

“It doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense to me that we ask people to work, we insist that they work, we tell them that if they don’t work they may lose their pension and may lose they their job, so they show up, but we aren’t paying them,” Romney said.



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