Tlaib SICKENINGLY BLAMING Trump for Death Threats

It is a sad fact that at some point in time that just about every possible person that is famous for any reason will be threatened in some way.

Anyone with any fame might have this happen at one point or another, politicians most especially because people look at them as the ones with all of the power.

Now, while nobody would ever advocate that someone cause harm to anyone(and I have even been personally disgusted by some of the ways that some of the more overzealous among us have said should happen to political opponents) making a claim that someone is telling people to hurt you is even more disgusting.

It’s one of those things that is a popcorn fart that the person you are blaming has to defend themselves against and serves to do nothing but waste their time.

Via Breitbart:

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) is holding President Donald Trump responsible for death threats made against her, even accusing Trump of “sending out some sort of signal.”

On The Intercept’s Thursday “Deconstructed” podcast, host Mehdi Hasan asked Tlaib if she held “this president’s rhetoric responsible, at least in part,” for the death threats.

“Absolutely, he is the leader of our country,” Tlaib answered. “He sets the tone and you, even in rallies and other instances, he’s even said if impeachment continued, we’re going to see violence. We’re going to see — I mean, it’s almost like he’s sending out some sort of signal.”

Tlaib also said Trump “has obviously erupted this kind of… white supremacy kind of movement and people are saying things that are not reflective of who we are as a country.”

She said Trump’s supporters think she does not “belong here” and are “very loud and direct.”

After enthusiastically telling left-wing activists after her first day in Congress that she will “impeach the motherf**ker,” Tlaib continued to double down on her remarks, even saying that Trump has “met his match.”



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