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Florida Man Caught Keistering Three Needles, Then It Just Got Weird…

Personally, I love watching police shows like Live PD and Cops. The reason I like watching them is because morons are entertaining and I like to keep them a safe distance from me.

It seems that the people that tend to get in trouble with the police are the type of folks that don’t have their paperwork in order.

That being said, on a lot of these shows you get people that get pulled over and the cops will do a drug search and find something in the car that is not supposed to be there. They will then vehemently claim that the drugs in question are not theirs.

Now, if it was in the backseat and they are driving with two passengers it might me fair to assume that there’s a chance the drugs might not be theirs.

However, there are some places where if the cops find drugs there’s no way of saying that they didn’t belong to you.,

Via Daily Wire:

Last Friday, a Clearwater, Florida man who had a history of multiple drug and battery charges was arrested and found to have with syringes in his rectum.

He said they weren’t his.

Wesley Dasher Scott, 40, was arrested on an outstanding warrant for a September 2018 drug arrest, according to the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office. Once deputies searched him at the Pinellas County Jail, the arrest report stated, Scott “removed three syringes from his rectum” and said “they were not his.”

The Tampa Bay Times reported, “Before being brought to jail, deputies said they asked Scott if he had anything on him and if he knew what would happen if he brought anything into the jail. He said he knew, according to the arrest report.

Scott was charged with introducing contraband in a county detention facility. He is being held in jail in lieu of $5,000 bail.”

WFLA reported, “Scott was charged with felony possession of contraband in a county detention facility, possession of drugs without a prescription with intent to sell, possession of marijuana, and possession of drugs without prescription.”



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